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The three dimensions of holiness are personal, fraternal, and societal. As Pro Sanctity, we must be convinced that holiness is the only possible solution to social problems. This, however, does not mean our personal holiness is the only thing we are responsible for, but rather, we are called to be active in the second and third dimensions as well. Thus, Bishop Giaquinta calls us to radical and courageous action in defense of Jesus Christ and holiness against all societal evils.

Formation and Action: Link to USCCB Conscience Protection Page

Words from the Founder

Love is Revolution, Chapter 6

Authentic sanctity and love are concepts too demanding for us not to show, through a clear theological exposition, that the essence of Christianity is found in love; that true love consists in sanctity; that only by becoming saints may we truly be Christians, and finally, that this Christianity-sanctity alone is capable of resolving the current tragic situation of the world, which we reviewed briefly at the start of this book.

Here, however, we enmesh ourselves in a basic difficulty: why speak of the universal vocation to holiness? Why identify love and holiness with each other? That is, why bother? What does it matter when the vast majority of Christians either do not know or actually deny these principles and satisfy themselves with much less?

We cannot ignore this objection, which expresses frustration over the Christianity lived by millions What we can do is try to explain something of this situation, and do what we can to offer a means of resolving it.

For we must first convince ourselves that to reject the call to sanctity in daily life means to mutilate the essence of the message of Christ, before we can profitably take up again our work on the three dimensions of holiness. We will show that it is only when Christianity is accepted totally, as the call to holiness it is, that we can find in it the true solution to the problems of modern society.

Love is Revolution, Chapter 31

This resilience of the Church, however, does not authorize us to remain inactive. It is true that the Church cannot die, but its members can always be in profound suffering. From here we see the need that all of us close ranks around the ideals of holiness, including social holiness, slighted up until now, since these ideals cannot be found in life if there is no one who takes it upon himself or herself to live them.

Written by Jessi Kary on February 23rd, 2012

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Welcome to the new Pro Sanctity USA National website! More to come soon!

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