Call to Holiness

The call to holiness was formally proclaimed by Holy Mother Church in the fifth chapter of Lumen Gentium, a central document of Vatican Council II. This explicit proclamation, however, has been expressed since the beginning of salvation history—in the Old and New Testament, writings of the Fathers of the Church, and the writings and lives of the saints.

As Guglielmo Giaquinta attended to his priestly duties during World War II, he was deeply aware of the desire of the people he encountered in confession and spiritual direction—a desire to respond to the maximum. Steeped in Scripture, Giaquinta also noticed this theme of holiness throughout the Word of God. He began gathering with groups of people who wanted to encounter the Lord more completely in daily life and respond to the love of this encounter. From these groups, the Pro Sanctity Movement emerged and the universal call to holiness gained a new momentum and voice.

With the promulgation of Lumen Gentium in 1964, the universal call to holiness became forever anchored in the official teaching of Mother Church. The Pro Sanctity Movement is entrusted with assisting the Church in the proclamation of the call to holiness and encouraging the people of God in responding to the graces and duties of baptism to the maximum.