Giaquinta on Holiness

14 Letters

The members of the Church should also perceive their collective and personal weakness, and therefore those who have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb should together search for the Spirit’s will. It is from this awareness that springs the desire and the need for mutual help toward a goal that is to be sought after with deep humility, knowing that very often the comprehension of the goal is beyond the grasp of but one single person (68).

In living out the call to holiness – whatever the demands and details required by one’s own life – everyone is loved infinitely by God, and called by Him to respond with their maximum of love – holiness  (62).

Our Life as Apostolic Oblates

Between us and God there must be a dialogue that gives rise to charity…through which we grow in God’s love. The foundation of interior life, therefore, is precisely this: union, through dialogue with God (28).

In meditation we must never omit the last part: conversation. That is, we must never omit the affective part: the heart-to-heart conversation with Our Lord, with God, with Mary – we must never omit this part (39).

The Cenacle

Every Apostle, indeed every Christian, must rest on the heart of Christ. The Church, aware of her birth from the heart of Christ, needs to return to His heart in order to be truly faithful (61).

Spirituality of the Pro Sanctity Organization

All that I have said will remain mere words if not received, responded to, and put into practice with generosity and great effort toward the goal of holiness.

All that I am and do must be a response of love, and must influence everyone in the city, so to speak, and in the nation. Everyone and everything is subject to this law of love that is received and reciprocated.

The Gospel Maximum of Love

We must correspond with all of our strength, that is, to the maximum, to this love of the Father and of Jesus, accepting and actuating the message received (5).